Co-Authors Appear on Fox News’s “Happening Now”

Our Thursday, June 11 event at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia was followed by a quick trip to New York City to appear on a national Fox News Network program, “Happening Now,” a news show, on Friday, June 12.

We were interviewed by co-host Jon Scott for about five minutes, on live national television, about the book and our father-son process of writing it. It was an extraordinarily interesting experience. Producers, makeup, hairspray, then . . . all of a sudden you’re on. The interview time itself flew by very quickly! Then, back out the door to the streets of Manhattan for a late lunch.

Brief or not, the interview seemed to have had some viewers – and some impact on book sales. Shortly after the interview, our “Amazon” ranking jumped (temporarily) to #209 in all books. A lot of people apparently watch Fox News! And Jon Scott gave a good endorsement, suggesting that the book might make a good Father’s Day present.

We haven’t yet been able to obtain a video clip to post on this website, but we’re working on it.


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