A Week as a Conspirator on “The Volokh Conspiracy”

It was a busy week of writing last week, as a guest blogger on “The Volokh Conspiracy,” a prominent constitutional-issues blog website now part of the on-line content of The Washington Post. Eugene Volokh – the original co-conspirator – invited me to guest-blog to discuss some of the more controversial propositions addressed in The Constitution: An Introduction.

I wrote five short articles for The Conspiracy. The titles, below with links to each post, fairly well describe the content of each piece. My thanks to Eugene Volokh for this great opportunity!

* The Myth of Judicial Supremacy

* Lincoln Versus Judicial Supremacy

* The Constitutional Case for Interposition and Nullification

* Taking Impeachment Seriously as a Constitutional “Check”

* What are the Lessons of the Constitution’s 225-Year History of Interpretation?


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