Going Home

Luke will be flying home to Minneapolis on the evening of Friday, May 29. Then, our entire Paulsen family (Michael, Kristen, Luke, and Caroline) will be driving to my childhood home, in Wausau, Wisconsin, the next day, for the 60th wedding anniversary of my parents, Russell and Dorothy Paulsen. Mom and Dad were married on May 30, 1955. Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

Since the Paulsen & Paulsen co-authors will be together, and since we will be in my hometown, we will be doing a book-signing at Janke Book Store, on Third Street, in Wausau, Wisconsin, Saturday morning from 11:00 AM to Noon. I’ve notified some old high school friends (Wausau East, Class of 1977) and they’re getting out the word on social media. In addition, there should be enough Paulsen relatives (I am one of six children; Russell and Dorothy now have thirteen grandchildren) to fill the room!

In part to promote the event, Luke and I have written an op-ed for the Wausau Daily Herald, touting our Wausau, Wisconsin connections, describing our reasons for writing the book, and telling the story of the book’s creation and development over the course of nine summers.

See you at Janke book store, just down the street from the Wausau mall?


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