First Things Lecture and Book Event

This past Tuesday I was privileged to be the guest of the journal First Things, at their editorial offices in lower Manhattan, to present a lecture based (in part) on Chapter Seven of our book – and of course to talk about the book in general. The lecture was entitled “Lincoln and the Constitution: The Great Emancipator as Great Interpreter.” (The chapter on which it is based is entitled “Crisis: Lincoln, the Civil War, and Reconstruction.”)

The theme of the lecture was (as with the book chapter, and the article Luke and I wrote for First Things, published in their May issue) that the Civil War was, in addition to much else, a grand drama of constitutional interpretation. The War was fought over the meaning of the Constitution on some of the most important issues in our nation’s history – and over who would have the final power to decide on that meaning.

Fieldstone Book Company was present to sell copies of the book. Fieldstone is an interesting bookseller: They are not a bricks-and-mortar bookstore and not an Amazon either. They specialize in selling books at book-events, like this one.


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