Go Fish! Noted Scholar and Critic Stanley Fish Praises the Book

Stanley Fish, one of the most famous, iconoclastic, and provocative public intellectuals, legal scholars, and literary theorists of our age, has written in praise of The Constitution: An Introduction. We are tremendously gratified by this review.

Here is what Fish has to say about the book:

"The Constitution: An Introduction is packed both with essential information and discerning analysis. More than that, it reads like a novel-adventure story. It will make a great text in any number of classes."

We are honored by Professor Fish’s comments. We especially like the “reads like a novel-adventure story” part – high praise for a book about the Constitution (but also part of what we were aiming to achieve)! And coming from a literature and law scholar at that!

Fish’s praise is too late to make the back cover “blurbs” for the book, but we will add them to the “Early Praise” section of this website.

Professor Fish’s academic bio is here. (Here is a link to his Wikipedia page.) is currently the Floerscheimer Distinguished Visiting Professor of Law at Cardozo Law School (Yeshiva University) in New York, and has previously taught on the faculties at UC-Berkeley and Duke University, and served as Dean of the College of Liberal Arts at the University of Illinois-Chicago. During his long and distinguished career, Professor Fish has also taught at Penn, Yale, and Columbia. He has long written a prominent column for the New York Times’ “Opinionator” blog.


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